Eco Plush 185/70R14 SL Touring Tire

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Eco Plush 185/70R14 SL Touring Tire




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Accelera Eco Plush. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: All weather traction Reduced road noise levels Enhanced controllability Fuel efficient driving experience Longer lasting tread life. OVERVIEW: The Accelera Eco Plush is a touring all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. Accelera offers a 45,000 mile treadwear warranty with this model.The tread pattern promotes excellent all weather traction and road gripping ability. The design’s three main center ribs maintain road contact at all times, which increases the dry, wet and light winter weather road gripping ability. The driving safety is further increased with the tire’s hydroplaning resistance. The wide main grooves and smaller lateral grooves actively disperse water from below the tire footprint, avoiding hydroplaning completely.The three main tread ribs also increase the tire’s comfort levels. They maintain road contact at all times, which allows the tire to channel the airwaves through the tire’s footprint. As the airwaves do not come into contact with the tread elements, the road noise is not generated. The road noise free drive ensures a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience as the tire prevents the road noise from forming while the tires are in motion.The tire’s constant road contact also boosts the fuel efficiency and lengthens the tread life. The tread design’s center rib keeps the tire’s road contact, which eases the driving pressure off the tire. This lowers the rolling resistance, which, in turn, decreases the vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The reduced levels of fuel consumption make the tire fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. The lessened rolling resistance also slows the tread wear rate down significantly. The tread design prevents irregular wear patterns from forming across the tread area. The slower tread wear rate and even wear extend the tread life and the tire’s usability greatly.The Eco Plush offers remarkable handling in all summer conditions. The center rib increases the steering responsiveness and the driving stability, while also boosting the model’s acceleration and braking ability. The steering is quick and precise in its response to the driver’s commands, while the model is stabilized against the driving pressure. The constant road contact allows the tire to accelerate faster and it creates friction at the moment of braking to shorten the stopping distance. These aspects together guarantee a safer driving experience.Below is a list of some popular vehicles that Accelera Eco Plush, 185/70R14, 88H, SL, 2017, DS tires may fit depending on Year & Option: Alfa Romeo Spider Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce Audi 100 E Audi 5000 Audi 5000 Quattro S Audi 5000 S Audi 5000 S Turbo (Diesel) Audi 90 Coupe BMW 528i Chrysler E Class Chrysler Laser Chrysler Laser XE Chrysler LeBaron Chrysler LeBaron GTS Chrysler LeBaron Mark Cross Chrysler LeBaron Medallion Chrysler LeBaron Premium Chrysler LeBaron Sedan Chrysler LeBaron Sedan K-Body Chrysler New Yorker Chrysler Town & Country Wagon Chrysler Town & Country Wagon Mark Cross Dodge 400 Dodge 400 LS Dodge 600 Dodge 600 2 Dr. Dodge 600 4 Dr. Dodge 600 ES Dodge 600 SE Dodge Aries Dodge Aries Custom Dodge Aries LE Dodge Aries LE Wagon Dodge Aries LE w/Equipment Pkg. Dodge Aries SE Dodge Colt DL (4WD) Dodge Colt Vista (4WD) Dodge Colt Vista (4WD) w/aluminum wheels Dodge Daytona Dodge Daytona Turbo Dodge Daytona Use Option w/Performance Pkg. Dodge Lancer Dodge Shadow Dodge Shadow America Dodge Shadow ES Dodge Shadow High Line Dodge Spirit Dodge Spirit High Line Eagle Talon DL Ford Contour Ford Contour GL Ford Contour GL Sport w/2.0L Eng. Ford Contour GL w/2.0L Eng. Ford Contour LX Ford Contour LX Sport w/2.0L Eng. Ford Contour LX w/2.0L Eng. Ford Contour Sport Ford EXP Ford EXP Luxury Ford EXP Sport Ford Probe Ford Probe GL Ford Probe LX Ford Probe SE Ford Tempo Ford Tempo AWD Ford Tempo GL Ford Tempo GLS Ford Tempo GLX Ford Tempo L Ford Tempo L AWD Ford Tempo LX Ford Tempo LX AWD Ford Tempo Sport Honda Accord 25th Anniversary Edition Honda Accord DX Honda Accord LX Honda Accord Value Package Honda Civic DX Honda Civic GX Honda Civic HX Honda Civic Hybrid Honda Civic LX Honda Civic Value Package Honda Prelude S Hyundai Sonata Mazda 626 Mazda 626 DX Mazda 626 ES Mazda 626 LE Mazda 626 LX Mazda 626 LX Luxury Mazda 626 LX Luxury Sedan Mazda 626 LX w/aluminum wheels Mazda MX-6 DX Mazda MX-6 GT Mazda MX-6 GT 4WS Mazda MX-6 LE Mazda MX-6 LX Mazda RX-7 Mazda RX-7 (Base) 2+2 Mazda RX-7 SE Mazda RX-7 SE 2+2 Mercury Mystique Mercury Mystique GS Mercury Mystique GS Spree Mercury Topaz GS Mercury Topaz GS AWD Mercury Topaz LS Mercury Topaz LS AWD Mercury Topaz LTS Mercury Topaz LTS AWD Mercury Topaz Sport Mercury Topaz Sport AWD Mercury Topaz XR5 Mercury Topaz XR5 AWD Mitsubishi Eclipse Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Mitsubishi Galant Mitsubishi Galant DE Mitsubishi Galant ES Mitsubishi Galant LS Mitsubishi Galant S Mitsubishi Galant w/aluminum wheels Nissan 200SX Nissan 200

Eco Plush 185/70R14 SL Touring Tire

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Eco Plush 185/70R14 SL Touring Tire
Eco Plush 185/70R14 SL Touring Tire

Accelera Eco Plush. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: All weather traction Reduced road noise levels Enhanced controllability Fuel efficient driving experience L...



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